What does Centeno Schultz Clinic Cost?

Centeno Schultz Clinic Insurance Cost For Stem Cell Therapy

According to patient feedback Centeno Schultz Clinic Cost ranges between $3000 – $8000+

According to CentenoSchultz.com, their stem cell procedure cost is not listed. (see below)

“Because the stem cell therapy procedure protocol will vary from person to person and each person having an unique condition to be treated, the cost of procedures at Centeno Schultz Clinic can vary considerably from patient to patient. Expect to pay thousands of dollars out of pocket with the risk of treatments failing. An evaluation of your situation will give you a better idea of condition, treatment and costs for stem cell procedures specific to your condition.”

Patient Reported Centeno Schults Clinic (Out-of-Pocket) Cost

One patient reported that the assessment cost at the clinic was nearly $500. After the assessment he was told that since he does not live in Denver that he can not come here. Another woman reports spending over $5000 out of pocket for PRP treatments on a bulging disc. The patient called the clinic multiple times when she got ZERO pain relief only to be ignored by the staff and Dr. Schultz. Two other patients explain below about how they were brushed off and rushed into procedures with little to no explanation.

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The National Average Cost vs. Centeno Schultz Cost

About 1 in 10 people reported paying $20,000 or more out of pocket, including some beyond $100,000. That is an insane stem cell treatment cost, especially for something often fails, is unproven and unapproved by the FDA. If we consider these responses, the average cost is closer to $7,500-$10,000. For doctors and hospitals, stem cells therapy is easy money, Normaltreatments involve injecting  joints with their own fat or bone stem cells. Overall, the cost for Stem Cell Therapy is extremely high and comes with a lot of risk. Spending 7k-10k per a ‘maybe’ result from an unapproved treatment should be thought over thoroughly.

The cost for procedures at Centeno Schultz Clinic vary from patient to patient. Although, based on past patients the costs can be as high as $8,000+ Several patients have spent thousands of dollars out of pocket for procedures that did not work.

Most likely it is not. It is not worth the risk to spend thousands of dollars out of pocket for procedures that often fail. Centeno Schultz Clinic will not refund any money based on past patient reviews.

The Centeno Schultz Clinic Cost for Knee Injections range from approximately $3000 to $5000 per knee.

Centeno Schultz Clinic Cost for Hip Injections range from $7,500 to $10,000. About 1 in 10 respondents reported paying $20,000 or more, including some beyond $100,000.

Centeno Schultz Clinic Cost for Shoulder Injections range in price from $1,500 to $10,000 depending on the patient and how much money they have to spend.

Centeno Schultz Cost for Spinal Injections is not covered by insurance and ranges from $5,000 to $7,000.

Health insurance usually doesn’t cover stem cell injections, with the exception of certain accepted treatments, such as bone-marrow transplants for cancer and aplastic anemia. These businesses have the freedom to customize their plans, covering services that aren’t part of a standard insurance package. If insurance won’t cover the expensive, unproven stem cell “treatments” at for-profit clinics, and I don’t blame them since in my view they are generally a big waste of money and are risky, then can the average person afford to pay so much themselves? Often they can’t.

Insurance only covers office visits, consultations, diagnostic testing, examinations and bracing. Regenexx stem cell and blood platelet procedures are not covered by any insurance carriers including Medicare. However, we do offer Easy Payment Plans.

The court also found that the mixture used in Regenexx-C could not be exempted from manufacturing and labeling requirements of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act as a compound drug because mesenchymal stem cells have not been FDAapproved as components for use in compound drugs.
Court: United States Court of Appeals for the D…
Majority: Griffith, joined by a unanimous court
Judge(s) sitting: Thomas B. Griffith, Sri Srinivas.