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Teresa’s Negative Review of Centeno Schultz Clinic

Teresa White

My experience is that with regular strains, tears, and mild arthritis they can help you. But upkeep with them is a fortune. So you’ll need to decide if paying thousands a year for upkeep is worth it. I don’t believe they care about you. If something didn’t work and you have questions and email you, they will not reply. I have experienced this first hand. If they don’t like what they see for a review, they often have it removed, even if sites claim doctors can’t do that (I guess millionaire doctors can). I have also experienced this first hand. Their fees are truly disgusting and they can take advantage of the fact that most people are unfamiliar with regenerative medicine and don’t know better about the costs. One of the regenexx doctors (not Centeno or Schultz) even calls himself “Doctor Money” as an instagram account name. These people are greedy. The Centeno Schultz Marketing Manager, Caitlyn Talmadge and one of their doctors – Otono Silva – even placed two of the 5 star reviews on this site (near the bottom). “Yelp” and “Trustpilot Regenexx” have more fair and accurate online reviews in my opinion. There is something fishy about all of the non-stop, 5 star reviews. Google Centeno Shultz Reviews.
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