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Dustin’s 1 Star Review of Centeno-Schultz Clinic

Dustin Hartman’s 1 Star Review of Centeno Schultz Clinic


Review of Centeno Schultz Clinic

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I was treated 3 years ago for patellar tendinopathy and damage to the cartilage underneath my knee caps. I traveled from out of state for the procedure based on the reputation of the clinic. I had multiple procedures including a “physical assessment”, bone marrow withdrawal, blood withdrawals, and stem cell transplant under “visual guidance.”

The physical assessment was not even remotely helpful. The therapist; Mark Reilly spent the entire appointment speaking into a recorder barely acknowledging I was there. I felt like a test subject, not a patient. When the assessment was over I asked what exercises/stretches he recommended and what he thought might be contributing to my issue. His answer verbatim was “Well, you don’t live here so I can’t really help you. You’d have to come in every week.” This assessment “cost” was nearly $500.. completely wasted.

The employees for the front desk and admin staff always seem too busy, and non helpful. While I was there throughout the week there were two other clients who came in and literally got in yelling matches only to storm out. The staff seemed to act like it was business as usual.

I asked for their assistance numerous times in helping to get information to my alternative medicine (secondary coverage) insurance. They could not get me the documentation I needed before I left and to this day have never provided my what I needed to have the procedure covered. I ended up paying for the entire thing out of pocket.

Dr. Ron Hanson performed my stem cell procedure. He was very helpful during my phone interview and seemed confident they could help me.I was to receive a $500 discount because they were trying a new procedure using a small camera to help place the stem cells better. During the procedure I was put under anesthesia and was told later by my wife that they found a “foreign body” in my knee and halted the procedure. The incision from the scope and the swelling on my knee were so substantial I had trouble walking or standing. My knee would make a rushing noise when I would attempt to bend it. Between this and what they had told my wife as I was concerned with the procedure so when I returned to the clinic the next day for the next round of injections I asked to talk to the doctor first. It took them nearly 45 mins to get them to speak to me, and when I started asking questions about what he thought could be in my knee and why there was so much swelling her literally said “I don’t have time for this.”

Thankfully another doctor who was “in training” whose name I can’t recall performed my last procedure. He was much more helpful in explaining what to expect, how long recovery would be etc.

Needless to say at that point I was done dealing with them. The procedure left me nearly disabled for over 6 months. My outcome 3 years later was no better than when I walked in there and cost me nearly ~$7K.

I am beyond disappointed with the service I received, the procedure itself and the attitude of the employees at the clinic. I know that main Doctors. Centeno and Dr. Schultz are well respected and I wish in hindsight I would have dealt with one of them directly. The rest of the staff seems sub-par and unprofessional. Even the nurse who drew my blood was haphazard and spilled a large portion of it, then having to draw more. For having such an excellent reputation I was shocked every time I returned for another procedure.

In summary I would be very careful when selecting this clinic. I know others have had success there but I would not recommend their services to anyone based on my experience. Stay away from Centeno Schultz Clinic Lone Tree, CO

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