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I found Centeno but be more concerned with making money versus doing the right thing. I saw Dr Hyzy a few months ago. They first of all charged my insurance $1900 for a 45 minute visit, I have to pay $500 of that. Then, well of course they can help me with my knee, as well as my ankle. After I got an MRI they wanted to charge me again for MY test results. I have NEVER had a doctor charge me for MY test results.

Because of the billing fees, I got a second opinion from a well known ortho group in the Denver area, who is known doing stem cell as well. They said it would be a total waste to do stem cell on my knee because it is so torn up from sports and life that treatment would give me a couple of months of pain relief at best. But Centeno assured me they could help, no conversation of surgery, for the cost of $6500 to $7500ish.

Just to shut down the thought process that the ortho I saw, who said do surgery versus stem cell, I wouldn’t be able to use then for surgery because of my insurance, so they had nothing to gain by telling me to not do Stem cell.

I strongly suggest getting second opinions before letting Centeno do anything to you!!! They will take your money but after that no guarantees. Many of the reviews comment on a rude staff, I would call them more robot like, they aren’t in it for good bed side manners or true patient care.

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