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According to CentenoSchultz.com, their stem cell procedure costs are not listed. (see below)

“Because the procedure protocol will vary from person to person and because each person will have a unique condition to be treated, the pricing of procedures can vary considerably from patient to patient. An evaluation will give you a better idea of condition, treatment and costs specific to your condition. The chart below provides a general idea of the procedures and where they fall in terms of cost and severity of conditions treated. Platelet procedures cost considerably less than stem cell procedures.” Click here to see  Centeno Schultz Clinic Cost.

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1 Star Review on 2/12/2020

“My experience is that with regular strains, tears, and mild arthritis they can help you. But upkeep with them is a fortune. So you’ll need to decide if paying thousands a year for upkeep is worth it. I don’t believe they care about you. If something didn’t work and you have questions and email you, they will not reply. I have experienced this first hand. If they don’t like what they see for a review, they often have it removed, even if sites claim doctors can’t do that (I guess millionaire doctors can). I have also experienced this first hand. Their fees are truly disgusting and they can take advantage of the fact that most people are unfamiliar with regenerative medicine and don’t know better about the costs. One of the regenexx doctors (not Centeno or Schultz) even calls himself “Doctor Money” as an instagram account name. These people are greedy. The Centeno Schultz Marketing Manager, Caitlyn Talmadge and one of their doctors – Otono Silva – even placed two of the 5 star reviews on this site (near the bottom). “Yelp” and “Trustpilot Regenexx” have more fair and accurate online reviews in my opinion. There is something fishy about all of the non-stop, 5 star reviews.”

1 Star Review on 2/11/2020

“This clinic is a predator stem cell therapy business that profits off of people who do not know any better. They have horrible business practices as they use their Blog to attack other well established Stem Cell clinics that they see as a threat to their business. I am telling all of my friends to leave negative reviews of this FACTORY like business as long as I see them to continue to post slanderous things about good Doctors on their website.”

1 Star Review on 8/10/2019

“Modern day snake oil. I can only comment on their spinal procedures. They don’t work. Plain and simple. This place also censors the reviews on their website. I complimented my Dr’s professionalism and dogged them on everything else. The only thing they posted was the positive part of my review.”

1 Star Review on 8/27/2018

“I went to the Centeno-Schulz clinic for prolo-therapy for my neck.  I had about five treatments with a junior practitioner and then had my last treatment on my upper cervical area with Dr Schultz.  I was told all along that I would need a twilight sedative because it would be dangerous if I moved during the procedure.  Right before the procedure they told me that they didn’t think I needed the sedative because I was so calm and still during the preceding sessions.  I said I wanted to have the twilight sedative in case I would twitch.  During the procedure, while under the sedative, I felt a bolt of pain and nearly jumped off the table.  I was only partially conscious at the time, but remembered it when I awoke.

Afterward I experienced roving numbness and tingling throughout my body. (This continued for six months.)  I called the clinic right away and told the receptionist what was going on and asked to speak to the doctor.  She said that a cervical procedure could not cause the symptoms I was describing and refused to let me talk to the doc, but told me to email him.  I emailed him  and he didn’t respond.

I reported this to the PT who recommended the clinic and he called Dr. Schultz.  Dr Schultz called me and apologized for the behavior of his assistant.  I asked him if he hit a nerve during the procedure because I remembered jumping off the table.  He said no, he hadn’t hit a nerve, but that he remembered me jumping off the table.  He suggested I get x-rays  and come back.  I asked my chiropractor (who also recommended this clinic) about the whole incident and he told me he thought the doc was trying to cover for his mistake by having me get x-rays, that x-rays could do nothing to help after the fact. I dropped the matter and never spoke to the doctor or the clinic again.

I was shocked that Dr Schultz would blatantly lie to me.  I would not have taken legal action for a mistake.  I do not expect doctors to be gods who never make mistakes.  If he had told me the truth I would not be writing this. I have not taken legal action.  Frankly, I want nothing to do with this clinic.  It disappointed me deeply that a professional would lie.
It shook my faith in the decency of the medical community.  Sad, but true.”

1 Star Review on 11/27/2017

“Despite the negative recommendation from my primary care physician and two surgeons due to lack of evidence of effectiveness, I chose to try stem cell and blood platelet therapy for my hip with worn cartilage because Dr Pitts at Centeno-Schultz assured me verbally that their procedure would regrow cartilage. I did have significant relief for a few months after the joint injection. But, the pain soon returned. The MRIs taken before and after the injection looked identical. There was no cartilage regrowth. The temporary relief was simply a result of the fluid injection. I then opted for an anterior entry hip replacement. Two years later I am very happy with the hip replacement. The stem cell treatment was a waste of my time and my money. My hip surgeon told me that “this stem cell procedure is the closest thing that I know of to legalized malpractice in the joint treatment industry”. I would have to agree. I don’t recommend stem cell therapy to regrow cartilage. The treatment is still considered to be experimental for good reason.”

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Dustin Hartman | Google (1) Star

I was treated 3 years ago for patellar tendinopathy and damage to the cartilage underneath my knee caps. I traveled from out of state for the procedure based on the reputation of the clinic. I had multiple procedures including a “physical assessment”, bone marrow withdrawal, blood withdrawals, and stem cell transplant under “visual guidance.” The physical assessment was not even remotely helpful. The therapist; Mark Reilly spent the entire appointment speaking into a recorder barely acknowledging I was there. I felt like a test subject, not a patient. When the assessment was over I asked what exercises/stretches he recommended and what he thought might be contributing to my issue. His answer verbatim was “Well, you don’t live here so I can’t really help you. You’d have to come in every week.” This assessment “cost” was nearly $500.. completely wasted. The employees for the front desk and admin staff always seem too busy, and non helpful. While I was there throughout the week there were two other clients who came in and literally got in yelling matches only to storm out. The staff seemed to act like it was business as usual. I asked for their assistance numerous times in helping to get information to my alternative medicine (secondary coverage) insurance. They could not get me the documentation I needed before I left and to this day have never provided my what I needed to have the procedure covered. I ended up paying for the entire thing out of pocket. Dr. Ron Hanson performed my stem cell procedure. He was very helpful during my phone interview and seemed confident they could help me.I was to receive a $500 discount because they were trying a new procedure using a small camera to help place the stem cells better. During the procedure I was put under anesthesia and was told later by my wife that they found a “foreign body” in my knee and halted the procedure. The incision from the scope and the swelling on my knee were so substantial I had trouble walking or standing. My knee would make a rushing noise when I would attempt to bend it. Between this and what they had told my wife as I was concerned with the procedure so when I returned to the clinic the next day for the next round of injections I asked to talk to the doctor first. It took them nearly 45 mins to get them to speak to me, and when I started asking questions about what he thought could be in my knee and why there was so much swelling her literally said “I don’t have time for this.” Thankfully another doctor who was “in training” whose name I can’t recall performed my last procedure. He was much more helpful in explaining what to expect, how long recovery would be etc. Needless to say at that point I was done dealing with them. The procedure left me nearly disabled for over 6 months. My outcome 3 years later was no better than when I walked in there and cost me nearly ~$7K. I am beyond disappointed with the service I received, the procedure itself and the attitude of the employees at the clinic. I know that main Doctors. Centeno and Dr. Schultz are well respected and I wish in hindsight I would have dealt with one of them directly. The rest of the staff seems sub-par and unprofessional. Even the nurse who drew my blood was haphazard and spilled a large portion of it, then having to draw more. For having such an excellent reputation I was shocked every time I returned for another procedure. In summary I would be very careful when selecting this clinic. I know others have had success there but I would not recommend their services to anyone based on my experience.

Celeste Magnuson | Google (2) Star Review

I had a physical therapy appointment today ($232). it was a waste of my time. The therapist spent the entire time doing assessment, including my neck and shoulders (I was there for hips and back), and told me I needed to come back if I wanted to receive help with exercises, etc. …another $232.

The docs are great, but the administrative staff (most) seem as though you are just there to give them more work to do and don’t go out of there way to be helpful.

Tom Schadt | Google (1) Star Review

I will stick to just the facts. First appointment cost $550, I was told that I had three tears in my right and two in my left shoulder and had a 30% chance that the stem cell treatment would work. I forgot my MRI so I came back and Dr. Shultz spent 10 min then had to leave and it cost $160 and that my neck needed treatment. I ask if I could have one shoulder done and the answer was no, two for $8,000. Neck for $2,000. Next I scheduled an appointment and was given the patient package that said there was only a 20 t0 40% chance that they would get sufficient stem cells to do both shoulders. Then why would they not let me do one shoulder because they were not going to get enough stem cell to do both. They are more interested in the dollars than the patient. Dr. Shultz is in such a hurry that his explanation are confusing, I had another person with me who agreed we did not know what they were going to do with the left, right shoulder and the neck.

Fred Ziffer | Centeno Schultz Clinic | Google (1) Star Review

The cost explanation was very misleading. I was told that insurance would not cover the procedure and that I had to pay in full up front. I agreed. Then a month later I received a bill from the clinic for an additional $700. I called the billing department and was told that this was the amount remaining that insurance would not cover. I explained that at the time of scheduling, that insurance was not an option. The representative said ,”she has had several clients confused about this. The billing manager refused to adjust the bill. My wife and I have been patients of Dr Schultz for many years and think he’s great. But this is very disappointing and we won’t be going back. They need to train their people better.

Paul Kemmintzer | TrustPiliot (2) Star Review

2 stars: Poor

Hip procedure

At the beginning of October 2019 I had a stem cell procedure on my left hip in lieu of more invasive surgery. Dr. Fausel and his staff in Broomfield couldn’t have more professional and perfect to work with. I have absolutely no complaints there. I was told that there was a 50% to 60% chance of success. Unfortunately, it did not work at all. In fact, my hip is worse now than when I went in. I followed all their post-op instructions to no avail and it was extremely painful for three weeks afterwards. Now, 3 1/2 months later I’m looking at surgery. The only regret I have is that it cost me $8,000 out of pocket. Again. the clinic and everyone in it were wonderful and I’m guessing that other people have had success. It just wasn’t right for my situation.

2 stars: Poor


Christopher J. Centeno is a scam artist. Be careful working with this company. Dr. Centeno deals in vitriolic behavior, rather than to focus on his own science. You will be served well to avoid doing business with this company.

1 star: Bad


Stay Away from Regenexx

I received four treatments for lower back pain from Regenexx Colorado and Regenexx Caymans. I had PRP done three times ( twice in Colorado, and once in the Caymans) and Stem cell done once in the Caymans. While the doctor who did most of my injections was very professional and skilled, another one there treated me as if I were just an ATM. In addition, the PRP and Stem cells treatments they offered did not work at all on me. I spent over $14,000 on PRP and $20,000 on stem cells and I am still exactly where I was prior to the treatments. The stem cells initially provided me with some relief but it only lasted for about 8 months. When I told the clinic that less than a year after the stem cell trearment I was back at square 1, their only answer was that I try stem cells again for another $20,000. They have no sense of accountability and this is borderline dishonest. I was really disappointed to realize that they are more concerned about their bottom-line than about the well-being of their patients. When you are in pain, it’s easy to believe all the hype about regenerative medicine but at the end of the day there are no actual long term studies that show that those super expensive treatments are any better than regular steroid injections. Save your time and money and stay away from Regenexx.