Centeno Schultz Clinic Fax number is not listed on their website or online, but we thought that you should read this article.

Centeno-Schultz Attacks Other Stem Cell Clinics to Gain More Business

Centeno-Schultz is not a clinic, they are a business that runs a factory like stem cell clinic. In the last year they have attacked 6 competing Clinics with negative articles on their blog. This tactic is often seen by unethical business owners who try and push out their competition and create more growth for their own business. Christopher J. Centeno, M.D is the author of the following posts below attacking their local competition.







Each of the links above lead to articles written by Dr. Centeno. Since publishing, it is safe to say that Centeno-Schultz Clinic’s sales have skyrocketed. Along with this practice they seem to be writing/buying fake Centeno Shoultz reviews on Google and other platforms.

As a reader and/or potential patient, would you call this ethical behaviour from a Medical Doctor?

Sorry that we were not able to provide Centeno Schultz Clinic Fax number.